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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my new finish last?

With proper care, your new finish should last 10-20 years or longer.

What should I do before you arrive?

There is not much that we ask for our customers to do. Our job is very convenient and is virtually effortless for our customers. You can however, remove loose objects from the bathroom, such as tooth brushes, bottles, paintings, shower curtains, soap and towels, so that they will not be exposed during the job​.

How long does it take?

Resurfacing a bathtub takes 3-4 hours. We can resurface your entire bathroom in less than a day.

When can I use my resurfaced tub and tile?

The resurfacing will dry and be ready for your use in 24 hours.

Is resurfacing safe for my family, pets, and home?

Yes. Our product is made for the resurfacing industry in residential and commercial applications. Most people find that the smell is minimal outside of the bathroom area. This is so because we deploy heavy duty blower systems that ventilate fumes from the homes of customers and often keep any smells from escaping the work area​.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

Absolutely. We offer you the best guarantee in the industry and our staff and trained technicians are there to provide service to you should it ever be necessary.

Is there a charge for an estimate or inspection?

No. All estimates are free.