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How It Works

You may have encountered several different terms referring to the process of bath and bathroom resurfacing. All the various terms used to refer to resurfacing are in all major respects the same process:
Resurfacing = Refinishing = Reglazing
The differences that exist lie with the methods and materials used in surface preparation, priming, and top coating, but these differences are not ascribed to any particular term above.
Step-by-Step Resurfacing:
  • We clean the bathtub and remove old silicone and caulking.
  • We etch the bathtub with light acid for deep cleaning and glossy layer removal.
  • We fill and sand smooth all chipped, scratched or worn areas.
  • We mask around the bathtub and cover areas not to be resurfaced.
  • We spray two coats of primer over the bathtub and apply new finish. ‚Äč
  • After cleaning and caulking, we have turned that old and ugly bathtub into a brand new one with a minimal cost to you!