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Walk-In Bathtub/Bathtub Cutout

Don’t wait for a bad fall!

We can convert your tub into a walk in shower in a few hours!

Why Step-In Bathtub | Walk-In Bathtub | Tub Cutting?

  • More than 70% of all major accidents in the home occur in the bathroom.​
  • Bathroom falls are a leading cause of injury for seniors and those recovering from surgery.
  • Getting in and out of a conventional bathtub by stepping over can create a dangerous situation for many seniors and can often make living in one’s own home difficult or nearly impossible​

Benefits and Features

  • Makes existing bathtub more accessible and reduces the possibility of falls.
  • Saves thousands of dollars (up to 80%) over the typical cost of a full bathtub replacement.
  • Installed in just three to four hours. No days or weeks of disruption to your bathroom
  • Works with existing acrylic, fiberglass, steel or cast iron bathtub.
  • Peace of mind for the senior, family & caregiver.

Starts at $795

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